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How to watch World Cup 2018 without Cable?


StarCup IPTV is an Android App, allow you to watch all Starhub Live channels WITHOUT CABLE! Also with over 2000+ oversea channels from Malaysia/India/Thailand/Hongkong/Taiwan/China. It can be installed on any android TV box, and work with Internet only, NO need SCV wall TV point. 

StarCup IPTV

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How to get World Cup channels on V9 Pro/ Freesat V8/ C1 Streambox/ Blackbox C801 Plus?

Dear All, All our boxes are ready for FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup(CH222,223), below are the methods to get this 2 channels on your box:1. Freesat V8 Golden, V9 Pro     Power off and on the box, and update new user db. If never pop up, please factory reset{Menu button on remote->Tools->Factory Setting, reset password is [...]

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What is the difference between V9 Pro and V8 Golden?

V9 Pro is another name of V8 Golden, same design, same hardware, same software, same remote, same wifi adapter, same power adapter, and same price, all completely the same except the logo.Why we make 2 products since they are the same?V8 can be used for other countries, while we install the customized software(with our server) [...]

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Scrambled! Why all channels can not watch?

The box C600 plus/C601 plus/C608 plus is unable to login ICAM, or "Expired! This account is out of service now." show in ICAM setting. All channels are scrambled,except free local channels(like CH 5 & 8).It is the box subscription(account) expired. All boxes require yearly subscription since Starhub upgraded to Nagra3 system in 2014. The [...]

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Don't have one time payment box? All boxes require subscription?

Yes, since Starhub upgraded to Nagra 3 system in 2014, all boxes need to pay annual subscription, NO one time payment box any more, all boxes need Internet and Starhub cable to work.In Starhub Nagra 3 encryption system, the keys change every 30s, and keys are different from each channels,so now all channels require a [...]

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Streambox D1c Android upgrade version of C1 streambox

1. DVB-C + Android Dual System2. Brand new design3. Add S-PDIF digital audio ouputStreambox D1c android

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How to setup BlackBox 700HDC Qbox C600 C601 C608 C808 plus?

Setup Manual:Step 1. Verify box is connected to Starhub cable point on the wall.Mak sure your box is connected to Starhub cable point for Signal. Test if you can watch Free to air channels CH 5 and 8.Step 2. Verify box is connected to Internet.Make sure the box is connected to Internet via LAN cable [...]

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How to set up Blackbox HD-C600

1. Make sure your box is connected to Starhub cable point. 2. Makw sure your box is connected to Internet. If you use wifi dongle,setup via MENU-Network-WIFI Manager.(if any password need to access, it is 1458 or 9803) You can also connect via LAN cable directly. Go to MENU-Network-Network local Setting, enable DHCP, "Apply", make sure it get the [...]

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Why some channels are un-viewable and some channels are laggy?

Usually it is caused by poor signal, please remove splitter if any,try other Starhub cable point, more important get a better quality signal cable. If most of channels are un-viewable,except local channels,you may need to subscribe a base pack with Starhub for signal. Problem of bad quality antenna cable!!!

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How to update World Cup channels on MVHD/Blackbox HD-C600

After quick search, you may find the world cup channels at 2132, 2133 or 2146, 2147 (usually at the end of the channel list). MENU-Installation-Quick Search/Manual Search.[Don’t do auto search for HD-C600 at any time]. Freq 149.50 / Sym 06090 / QAM 256 (New frequency: 14900/06090/256)The above info is not final, Big Brother may change again bcos now transmiited [...]

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