DM800HD / SE upgrade CCcam account

1. Download the firmware



2) connect dreambox to router via a LAN cable
3) plug out the power for dreambox press and hold the button of dreambox(beside the LCD display of dreambox)
4) then plug in the power,wait about 5 second,it will show an IP address on dreambox display
5) notice down the ip address,and loose your finger on the button
6) type 192.168.x.x in your browser on computer
7) click 'firmware upgrade' at the bottom of page
8) select the file you download and press the 'Flash!' button


On the next page, you can select the flash image you want to flash. be sure that it has the ".nfi" extension.
You can't flash other images (like .img)!
- Click on "FLASH!" and wait. It might take some time to upload and flash the image.
- Switch the box off again, and on again. The new image should be flashed and working.

2) Download DCC:

3) Open DCC,select  your  PC local IP address as 'Dieser Computer' IP,and fill your dreambox ip address.[If you get the IP address with dreambox display, you need to reboot and box(power off and on again), and let it complete booting up(don't hold the standby button and don't stop it from booting after power off and on again. The IP address won't change in short time.]

4) Press Reconnect,if ok,the red connecting line will turn green.


5) Navigate to 'FTP' tab on the left.

Then you will see all the files in your dreambox,go to 'etc',you will see CCcam.cfg.


   6. Get/buy a valid CCcam account from your seller, put it to your desktop,on the right of FTP tab of DCC,Navigate to your desktop, select CCcam.cfg, click the right arrow in the middle of DCC to upload the CCcam.


it will show if to replace the same file in dreambox, choose "Ja"(YES) to replace CCcam.cfg


Make sure your dreambox is connnected to Internet, reboot and enjoy TV.