How to Flash DM800 SE/DM500HD with SunRay-FlashUp and Browser




First you need a USB-A and mini-usb-B to connect to service socket on back of receiver, and a Network cable to Connect Receiver to PC.


1--- Connect USB cable to service slot on DM800SE/DM500HD and USB slot on Pc. Windows will then install the driver as per bellow


You will notice, windows created a virtual Com Port connection to be be used ( in this case Com Port 4)



If your PC can not install the driver for Mini USB,please download the driver and install manually:

2 --- Switch Receiver off and connect Network cable to Pc
3 --- Then Start SunRay- FlashUp, Tick Use Network, Fill the relevant boxes with local pc IP and Romote ip of your choise and click Connect. 
Program will ask for you to Switch on the receiver
It will show as per Bellow



4 -- It will then go into HTTP mode


5 -- At this stage, you open your browser and insert the romote IP you chose when setting the Sunray. In this case Page will open as per bellow and then you chose the option Update Firmware.


6 --- A page like this will open and you click Browse to take where your image is


7 --- Chose the image and click Open


8 --- It will then go into the field as per bellow and you click Flash


9 --- Image will start writing to Dreambox's Flash as per picture


10 --- When it finishes you can click Reboot. In Most cases will not work and you will have to reboot box manually


11- Box will then reboot with new image you chose to load Fee free to post around but do not forgett where you found it

Good Luck!