How to FTP the keys and scce to Dreambox

First,you can find and get the latest firmware for dreambox 800HD/800HD SE,usually firmware for Singapore don't not include keys&scce, you need to FTP them to your dreambox.

First: Connect your dreambox to router via Ethernet cable.(Box must connect to router)


1) Download the firmware and flash it via web browser, refer to

2) Download DCC:

3) Open DCC,select  your  PC local IP address as 'Dieser Computer' IP,and fill your dreambox ip address.[If you get the IP address with dreambox display, you need to reboot and box(power off and on again), and let it complete booting up(don't hold the standby button and don't stop it from booting after power off and on again. The IP address won't change in short time.]

4) Press Reconnect,if ok,the red connecting line will turn green.


5) Navigate to 'FTP' tab on the left.

Then you will see all the files in your dreambox,go to 'var',you will see keys and scce directory( in DM800HD),or route for  keys and scce directory(in DM800SE).


6) Enter the keys and scce directory,and navigate to your keys and scce directory on the right window [contact us to get the keys&scce(ONLY provoide to our traded buyers)].

Upload the keys files to your dreambox keys directory,and scce files to your dreambox scce directory.