How to update channels for DM500C/DM800HD/800SE

Do not use this method if box is not Dream Multimedia model.

Edited & updated of SGSH channel list for E2 as of 29072013 + picon, 
added new channel 

463 Crime & Investigation Network HD
464 The Biography Channel HD
562 WarnerTV HD
755 BBC World News HD
760 CNN HD

Added new freq 157 Symbolrate 6090 in cable XML

In XML format for reference as of 29072013

Bouquet for E1 DM500C as of 06062013

Bouquet for E2 DM800/800SE as of 082013

Step 1: Connect your dreambox to router via Ethernet cable.(Box must connect to router)

Download and unzip above bouquet.

Run DreamboxEdit [Download on this link] (Ignore update check if any) 

Open DB edit

option/profiles/new profile/set your box model & ip address/the rest just leave as default/test ip connection/after successful select enigma 2 setting for 800 series/cable receiver for 500 series enigma 1/save profile/save.

Tick box 1/3/4/enable zap function/save.

Tick all box

Tick enable quick ftp send/issue reload command.

Select whatever color u like 

Tick Allow duplicate entries / display reboot

Tick show picon for service/40X30 picon dimension/browse for where u put your picon folder/save.
As for sending of picon i prefer to send it manually using DCC program or if u know the folder u can send it using dreambox edit eg for 500C PLI images is var\tuxbox\config\enigma\picon type this in your picon box under option/profile/path for picons in Dreambox


Step 2 :- Now click Options Logo dreamboxedit-2.jpg or (Tools > Options)


This section will appear, OK time to insert your Dreambox details (Only need to do this once).

Then go to  'Advanced'--tick the 'Allow duplicate entries in (user) bouquets'. 

IP of Dreambox :- Whatever your IP, Your Dreambox uses to access the Internet (Usually found in Network settings on Dreambox),If you get the IP address with dreambox display, you need to reboot and box(power off and on again), and let it complete booting up(don't hold the standby button and don't stop it from booting after power off and on again. The IP address won't change in short time.

Username = root | Password = dreambox | These are the default settings input as I have or unless you changed them manually enter what you changed them to.

Enigma1 = Dreambox 500, 600, 7020 Users Click Satellite Receiver (Grey Box - Right Hand Side) then file path should say this :- /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/

Enigma2 = Dreambox 500 HD, 800HD/SE, 8000 Users Click Enigma2 Settings (Grey Box - Right Hand Side) then file path should say this :- /etc/enigma2/

Click on Advanced Tab and make sure Display 'Reboot Dreambox' option on FTP screen is ticked

Click save and thats you done with this bit.

Step 3 :- Now click Open Icon, or (File > Open) to Select Directory(your bouquet folder)/OK, you will see all the channels(Ignore the error if any)



Right click on all the channel list/ set keep flag option to ON/ok this is to keep the channel intact/u can go on edit the service data, under flag option only Tick the 2nd box H (hide) if u don't want the channels to be display on your box like eg. those demand channels/save.

Step 4 :- Ready to send files to Dreambox now. Click FTP icon dreamboxedit-5.jpg or (File > FTP)


When u done editing all the channel list + bouquet & u r sure about it ,select FTP/Tick auto reload setting enigma 2 for 800 series only/send files to Dreambox/Reload settings on Dreambox/Restart enigma.
For 500 series send files to Dreambox/Reload settings on Dreambox/Reboot Dreambox.
Do not create any bouquet for E1 500C or else u can't use the 3 digit direct channel selection.
There will be some minor mistake entry don't worry edit it,then send it again. Congratulation now your list is intact the same as SH channel list.

First set out exactly how I have Untick all 3 boxes at the bottom left.

Select IP Settings Set :- Make sure the profile you created is chosen.

Now click 'Send Files To Dreambox' Let it do its job, It should say complete.

Next click 'Reload Settings On Dreambox' Again let it do its job, It should say complete.

Finally click 'Reboot Dreambox' and by now your new settings should be uploaded to your Dreambox

The End.