Lastest Firmware for MVHD/FYHD/TNHD white and black box

Note: all these old models can not work any more since Starhub upgraded to Nagra 3 system, no solution/patch/firmware to fix. Check here for the lastet Nagra 3 box:

Important: before you do any upgrade, please confirm your box model, we are not responsible for wrong operation.[check the complete model name on the front panel of the box]

Please note we are not the content provider, you can watch the channels in the result after channels search. The box is for most of channels, can not promise to definite channels.Plus, some channels located on 900+ after scan.

072013 latest firmware for MVHD HD800C-V/HD800C-VI

05082013 update for white fyhd MHD HD600-C/HDC-800-IV/HDC-800-eonly available for white fyhd,version above IV(included), other model will get killed if flash. :


TNHD HDC-999/HD501-C[DM800HDse]

13082013 Lastest upgrade for black fyhd HDC-800-VII :

Upgrade Step:

1. Download and save it to the root directory of your usb thumbdrive(if fail,format to FAT32)
2. Insert into the USB port of box(at the back),do factory reset([Menu]-System-Restore Factory Default password 000000).
3. Reboot the box(power off and on),go to menu-system-software upgrade,select the firmware and click "OK" on remote to upgrade.
4. After 100% progress rate,it will auto reboot itself, do factory reset again.
5. Go by MENU-Search channels-full search, '6090' as default Symbol rate