MVHD upgrade Icam account

Warn: Once the account/firmware is activated/used in one set, can not be used in other set. Otherwise, the account will be killed be the server, can not be re-activated again. You have to buy new account no other choice. 

Buy subscription on this page:

Upgrade Steps:

1. Download the latest NEW firmware,copy it to a thumbdrive,insert to the box. Power on the box, connect to TV.


2. Go to MENU-Tools-Upgrade By USB


3. "Upgrade mode" choose "ALL CODE" , "Upgrade File" choose the firmware in the thumbdrive.



4. "Start",and "Yes" to burn flash.




5. Connect your box to Internet via Ethernet cable or WIFI dongle.

6. Create the iks_key.cfg file via NotePad on windows or via TextEdit on Mac.



7. Copy the file to thumbdrive,insert to the box. Go to MENU-Tools-Upgrade By USB.

"Upgrade mode" choose "ICS setting" , "Upgrade File" choose the iks_key.cfg in the thumbdrive.



8. After upgrade, go to do a auto search, MENU-Search-Auto search.

9. Go menu, the first screen, Press 1458(digit) on remote ,then go The 4th screen will show out the X-funtion

If don't show ,that Means You do it Wrong,Pls Do it again.until The X-funtion Come Out !!!

10. Enter X-Function, IKS Sharing choose "Icam", press the red button(FIND) on remote.


11. Don't do any change or delete the Username and Password(otherwise, you will have to buy new Icam account),keep Auto-Connect "On". Then press "Login"  button, after login successfully, that button will turn to "Logout". 



If problem with ICAM login, please refer to the manual: