No CA FOUND and Error message when booting up

To cleaify to everyone, the dm800 showing No CA Error is NOt, I stress NOT a hardware fault, but a software problem. A lot of people are having to spend money returning their units to supplier due to getting this error, which is cause by us either putting wrong image on the box or by us updating the software. So hopefully this will save you the money in shipping back.

No CA Error is cause by the 2nd stage bootloader becomming courpted. Either by you flashing an image which does not have timebomb removed or by updating an timbomb removed image via the software update which will put the timebomb on the box and courpt the bootloader. (so dont update your image!!!) 
I have done the 2nd solution myself and know this to be a fact as this software fix has fixed my box.

Here is the solution:

If the box can be detected in Dreamup, then flash the second stage without network connection in Dreamup. (

1) You have to have a working dreambox.
2) DM800_repair, you alter dreamup to be able to use greyed buttons.
Now for the first sollution.
1) Connect working dreambox DM600/DM800.
2) Open dreamup, press connect.
3) When dreambox is found by dreamup, insert Null-Modem cable in
the broken dreambox.
4) Press flash button, and chose a firmware.
5) The flash progress will probably hang, its OK.
6) Open dreamup again, connect the broken box, press connect.
7) If all went ok, you can now flash box again, (Use only serial