Troubleshoot Encrypted Program for V8 Golden V9 Pro

Step1. upgrade firmeare may erase current server account, before upgrade, need to note down box account to photo. Please go to box Menu>Networkjust in Network, don't enter any other menu/option】, press 5927 on remote anyhow【no matter how/what】 to show up CS Protocol, enter CS Protocol, and then enter Server Setting, take photo for account detail【clear photo】{done here, nothing else to do on this screen at the moment}

Download New Firmware here:

Download 2 .bin files(both v8_golden_sg_S+C 11-26 007.bin & v9_pro_sg_only_cable11-26 008.bin) on computer,  copy them to the USB flash drive【Just put on USB flash drive root directory, don't put in any folder, don't use USB external hard disk】, and then connect the USB flash drive to box USB port(either usb port, also have one USB port on box right side).

Menu button remote, go to >Tools >USB Upgrade >(Upgrade Mode = Maincode ) >(Upgrade File select v8_golden_sg_S+C 11-26 007.bin OR v9_pro_sg_only_cable11-26 008.bin)>>Start >> YES. Burn flash!

!!Warning!! !!Warning!! !!Warning!!
1). Upgrade Mode =Maincode!! ,if show file isn't match with this BOX! pls change Upgrade Mode =All Code!

2). If can not upgrade V9 firmware, show file isn't match with this BOX, pls change Upgrade File to V8 firmware. 

Step2. After upgrade, box auto restart, please setup box network in MENU > Network>Network Config {if you connect the lan, click active button under LAN, and enter "Setup" to click connect; If you connect via WIFI, click active button under WIFI, and enter "WIFI manager" to search your wifi, key in WIFI password and connect}.

    {After setup network, if it pops up new user db, click yes and select User DB as upgrade mode to upgrade, start>yes>burn(yes)}. 

Check channels, if can watch by here, then no need to do Step3.

Step3. If still can not watch after step2 and box always shows you "CS Protocl" screen after boot up, please contact your seller to get box account to reload to box via USB(show your seller box SN and server account detail photo requested to take in Step1). 

   Get Wcam.cfg from seller and download to your USB, connect to box, go to Menu/Network, press 5927 on remote to show up CS Protocol, enter CS Protocol, and follow below photo:

After load USB account, make sure your box network is up, and check channels.